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Our Services 

At Boren Logistics, we understand that each company has its own unique way of doing business. So if you have detailed and wide-ranging distribution requirements, then Boren Logistics is the company for you. 

Below is an overview of the services that we offer.


When you choose Boren Logistics, we take care of the many administrative tasks. We also have commodity specific experts who can ensure that all the relevant product-based documentation is completed and filed for a smooth delivery.


At Boren Logistics, we offer a full-spectrum of airfreight services. With our door-to-door, door-to-airport and airport-to-airport delivery routes, Boren Logistics will ensure that your delivery arrives safe and secure to its destination.


As an international company, Boren Logistics is well versed in the area of North American border deliveries. In attending to each detail of the freight transportation process, we completely manage the entire cross-border delivery on your behalf.


As a well-respected, professional freight company, Boren Logistics is well equipped to handle any size of cargo delivery. We offer a multitude of ocean freight services for our customers.


We operate modern warehouses in North America and abroad. At these destinations we receive, ship or store goods traveling from either the manufacturing sector or the marketplace. Our facilities are secured and insured for proper and dependable storage.

Boren Logistics’ full trucking services can put you in the drivers’ seat when it comes to your shipments. We have the resources to take care of all your transportation needs. 

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